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I like you, I like you not.

Skip a few weeks and  I'm now 25 weeks pregnant. In   the last 16-18 weeks, I can honestly say that pregnancy has been an absolute breeze. I've never gotten morning sickness, and I've only had one small food aversion. On the other hand, I've had strep throat, and just about every flu in the book. But I think this baby is finally done relying solely on my immune  system.  I had a guest in  the salon the other night, and she asked "What's your favorite part about being pregnant?" And I honestly didn't know how to answer. I like being pregnant, but is there a favorite part? I have also thought of a million  things I don't like about being pregnant. So, if you want my honesty? Here's a list of things I've liked about pregnancy, whether it be a food, or a product, or a feeling, and also a  list of things I don't like. And for some reason,I  have hunch I'm not the only  hormonal pregnant woman to like or dislike any of these things.
A b…