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Strangfeld, Party of 3.

So I guess this is where my journey ends. My journey of pregnancy that is. 5 days ago when I wrote my last blog, I was 37 weeks pregnant, today I'm 3 day post partum. It's truly crazy how fast life changes. I've anticipated this moment for the last 9 months.  And just like that,  the "moment " was over and  I became a mom! Was the moment everything I thought it would be? It was more. More in every way possible.  More intense , more frustrating,  more emotional,  more exhausting.  It was just more. This last Tuesday, (37 weeks+3) I had my routine checkup with my doctor. And we decided to strip my membranes . I waited all day for the moment things would change.  And nothing was happening.  So I carried on, but by 8pm, my contractions had taken a turn and i this was something different.  We packed up the car, being 100% sure we weren't coming home without a baby this time.
The pain was intense , the car ride was long, and time stood still. We arrived and my c…

Are we there yet?

I'm now 37 weeks pregnant , and if you're still following along on my journey,  welcome back . I've been M.I.A. for a little while. And I'm sure you can guess lots of things have happened since last time.I'm currently writing this from my bath tub, the tub I filled with about 4 cups of Epsom salt because I'm dramatic and hope it will be a miracle worker. And I just finished crying . Today has been rough. I haven't been one to complain about pregnancy but today has got me feeling all kinds of miserable. I hurt. I No longer have ankles. Or heels. I can barley wiggle my toes.  I can't stand without someone's help.  And the only way I can walk without excruciating pain, is if I waddle.I'll back up to the last week of my life.  Because that's where things got interesting.
We finally made it to our goal of 34 weeks. Meaning,  if baby decided she was ready to come,  the doctor wasn't going to stop her. But thankfully,  she didn't come. How…