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Its okay not to be okay.

The other day, I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw a "friends"post about how people shouldn't complain about pregnancy because not everyone can be pregnant or they've dealt with an unfortunate circumstance of miscarriage.I'm not  heartless, I feel for all those women in the worls. And although I understood her point of view,I'm on the other side of things to say, It's okay not to be okay while pregnant.   Since I was high school, I have always suffered from depression/anxiety. I started taking  medications for it around my sophomore year . It was something that ran in our family. Its just something you learn to live with. After a few years of medications, I met my (now) husband, and decided I didn't want him to think I was crazy and I didn't want to rely on the pills to make me feel good. And it worked for awhile. He took away a lot of the pain and didn't even know it. But the summer before our wedding I decided it was time to try aga…

32 Weeks: What's in store?Baby shower and more!

You all might ask yourself why I choose to write about my life. I'm not an author. I 'm not trying to write a book by any means. But writing is something  I have always loved. And it has always made me feel so much better to write out all my thoughts and feelings. Not only that, but it helps for people to understand what I'm going through when I have to call and cancel or moves  appointments. I feel it gives people a better  understanding. PLUS, if I can connect with or help another mama in a similar situation, my day is made.
So here we go: WEEK 32

It's been just over a week since Baby Girl gave us a scare when she showed signs of premature labor. Within that week, we ended up going for another visit at Labor and Delivery. I never wanted to be a one of those pregnant ladies who panicked at everything, or called the nurses hotline a million times. But the last couple weeks have made me feel like I've gone completely insane! So yes, last week the doctor started me o…

Baby Mama/ Life update

Hey hey to all my followers! I actually didn't think that I'd be able to say that with this kind of blog! However,  since sharing I have had quite a few ladies reach out to me and it's seriously been heart warming ! I never thought just venting and talking about my feelings and experiences would lead to so many people confessing they feel the same! It's definitely nice to know you're not alone when you're just feeling like a crazy ball of emotions rolling down a hill and destroying everything in its path ! So to all those girls, thanks so much for reaching out to me 💕.
Since the last time I wrote, life has changed. And it's starting to change fast . I'm now 31 weeks.  And I find myself wondering where the time has gone. I know these next weeks will just fly by. After all, next week will be April and our little girl should be making her appearance sometime in May  (we hope.) We've started seeing the doc every 2 weeks instead of 4 and I've start…