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My breastfeeding journey.

It was Monday, October 22nd. I sat on Porter's nursery floor lost in silent tears. I didn't think this would be so hard , I didn't think I'd be so emotional. October 22nd was the day I put all my breastfeeding supplies away. I tucked my pumps and all it's parts into a box. I slowly pushed it to the back of her closet. I wanted to breastfeed SO BAD. I wanted to be successful and I just wasn't.
My breastfeeding journey started off great. Porter knew what to do right away. But since she was 3 weeks early and very jaundice, she was too tired to stay latched. Yet, I hand expressed and fed her with a spoon.  I had my one nipple pierced a couple years ago, and had taken it out long before pregnancy , but Porter was having a hard time latching on that side. So I used a nipple shield.
My sister in-law is a rockstar breast feeder and pumper and I wanted to be just like her. If she can do it so could I! She  kept me so encouraged.   She me many articles through my pregna…